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Angelica Maria Smith was born in Ojai, California, and was raised in a middle-class household. Her mother, Delia, is an office manager whose family originated in Mexico, and her father is a motorcycle dealer from England. She discovered acting at age 11 and became more serious about performing in dance and singing at age 17. The entire family is athletic and she and her two older brothers, Richard and David, all competed seriously in track and field. Along with track, Angelica competed in collegiate women's volleyball. 

After high school, Angelica lived in Borken, Germany for one year as an exchange student where she studied language, culture, and the performing arts. She pursued higher education at Santa Barbara City College and San Francisco State University studying International Relations. After participating in the CSU International Programs in Madrid, Spain for one year, Angelica graduated with a B.A. in Spanish.

In 2013, Angelica returned to college in Moorpark, CA to study theatre, dance, and voice and has since been pursuing a career in acting. She has a deep love of cultures, languages, and traveling and seeks to aid in telling entertaining and heartfelt stories for better understanding and compassion.



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